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Step 7 — Enroll devices

Last updated January 22nd, 2024

You can enroll a single device or devices in bulk. You can enroll them manually or by sharing a token or a QR code that the device users can scan to enroll. You can also employ a partner that provides zero-touch device enrollment services.

Enroll a single device in the Knox Manage console:

  1. Go to User. The User page opens.

  2. Select the User ID of the device user you want to send the enrollment guide to, and click Request Enrollment.

  3. Click OK to confirm sending the enrollment guide to the device user. The Enroll Device page opens.

  4. Click OK on the confirmation dialog.

You have just sent the device user an email notification with platform-specific QR codes for installing the Knox Manage app!

When the device user receives the email, they must do the following on the device:

  1. Factory reset the device, and tap the screen 5 times to download the QR Reader app. The device camera opens.

  2. Scan their platform’s QR code from the email. The app store opens to the Knox Manage app.

  3. Follow the prompts to download and install the app.

  4. Sign-in to the Knox Manage app with their user account ID and password.

The device is enrolled with Knox Manage! The installed Knox Manage app is also referred to as the Knox Manage agent. You will find this term used in the Knox Manage documentation.

For more information about enrolling devices by IT admins and installing the Knox Manage app by devices users, see Enroll a single device.


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