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How to regain access to a Knox Manage console without the original administrator’s credentials

Last updated July 26th, 2023



  • Knox Manage (KM)
  • Knox Cloud Services (if applicable)


If your organization’s Knox Manage (KM) administrator has left, you may need to regain access to the console.

If your organization is using a Knox Cloud Service (KCS) in addition to Knox Manage (e.g. Knox Mobile Enrollment), you must first change your super administrator in Knox Cloud Services.

If my organization’s administrator has left, how do I regain access to the Knox Manage console?

First, ensure that the new KM administrator has created an account at Do not register for KM with this account.

From your User Dashboard, submit a Knox Support ticket that includes the below template with completed details.

    My organization's Knox Manage administrator has left. Please support in allowing access to our Knox Manage tenant.

    Knox Manage tenant id: <tenant id>

    Knox Manage paid license key: <KLMXX-...>

    Previous Knox Manage administrator email: <email>

    New Knox Manage administrator email: <email>

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