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Knox Manage 19.04 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Please refer to the below list of new features and improvements to be released with Knox Manage version 19.4 scheduled for Thursday, April 25, 2019.

Highlights {#highlights}

  • Multi-app Kiosk Support for Android Enterprise Managed Device (DO)
  • Forced Password Setup by Device Lock Task Mode

Settings control within Samsung Keyboard

A new policy to control Samsung Keyboard settings has been added under Device Management Profile > Android Enterprise or Android (Legacy) > System.

If applied, clicking the settings icon within Samsung Keyboard will not trigger any activity. This policy is recommended to be set when controlling settings access, especially for kiosks.

Normal behavior with Samsung Keyboard

Policy applied behavior

Forced password setup by device lock task mode

Lock task mode will be activated if the end user does not set up a password policy even after a device screen lock policy has been applied. This means that the user cannot get out of locked task mode but can set a screen lock password in accordance with the policy requirement.

Check the below pictures to see the password setup process in Lock task mode.

Automatic app installation

Prior to this release, Knox Manage provided two options for app installation—Mandatory (automatically installed app that cannot be deleted by end user) and Manual (manually downloadable app that can be deleted). Now one more option, Automatic, has been added; apps will be installed automatically and can be uninstalled by end user.

If the end user deletes an app that was installed via the Automatic option, the app can be re-installed by applying the same profile again.

Multi-app kiosk support for Android Enterprise managed device (DO)

The support coverage of Multiple App kiosk mode has been expanded to Kiosk for fully managed device (DO devices with Android M/N/O OS) in Android Enterprise policy.

Refer to the below table for the current availability of Knox Manage Kiosk modes.

Mobile ID check from app download history

Previously, app download history was based on user (in the event that a common ID is used, IT admin cannot distinguish who the end user is). After this release, IT Admins can check the download history of internal applications by mobile ID.

BAS review configuration

IT admin can choose whether to use BAS (Business App Store within KM agent) review or not.

New version naming rule

A new naming rule has been adopted for Knox Manage versions to better communicate with customers based on monthly releases.

This release is named Knox Manage 19.04 as the version is to be released in April 19, 2019, also known as the 04 th month in 20 19. This will be shown on both console and agent sides.

Wildcard support for Wi-Fi, Exchange, email configurations

IT admin can set up Wi-Fi, Exchange, e-Mail easily with Knox Manage inside data through the wildcard.

Knox Manage minimum supported OS version

The minimum Android OS version has been changed to L OS (+ OS 5.0).

From 19.4, KM-activated devices running lower versions than L OS (ex. OS 4.4) can maintain existing policies without issue. However, the agent cannot be updated and new features will not work on those devices.

For new devices running lower versions than L OS, the KM team will provide a separate download link.

Resolved issues and improvements

  • [00164623 / KMVOC-7905] In AE DO+MultiKiosk, WEB SEARCH is available even though application execution blocklist configured
  • [00165184 / KMVOC-7956] KM keeps asking to “Set Password Change Authority”
  • [00164241 / KMVOC-7980] Unable to manage AE policies - policies list does not show

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