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Knox Manage 2.1.3 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Please refer to below list of new features and improvements to be released with Knox Manage version 2.1.3:

[Device] Volume Purchase Program for iOS devices

IT admin can invite VPP users and distribute iOS applications in volume via Knox Manage:

  1. IT admin setup the configuration to interact with Apple VPP service from KM.

  2. IT admin should add VPP users. Then end users receives notification to agree terms and conditions in the apple devices.

  3. Purchased applications are displayed at Applications > VPP applications. IT admin can check the apps to deploy within the number of purchased apps or uncheck the apps to recall from the user list.

[Console] Find My ID

IT admin can find own ID in a console. After checking the email address, ID will be sent to registered email address.

[Console] Changes in user passwords

Password is mandatory information to add users. And Password Reset option is added in bulk upload file (excel).

[Console] Renovation with E-FOTA

Both license key and configuration for E-FOTA are managed in the same window.

Device group for E-FOTA is automatically created according to enrolled device information in Device & Users > E-FOTA Management.

First, IT admin has to assign the target devices in each device group. Next, IT admin decides update type & target firmware version and apply it. IT admin can check the progress of each devices.

Furthermore, IT admin can check details of key changes in each F/W version in the console.

[Console] UX enhancements in admin portal

  1. The map inside Default dashboard is moved from top to bottom.
  2. The color of favorites in every menu is changed to orange.
  3. When adding a group, UI is simplified than before.
  4. Organization icon showing synchronization is removed.
  5. Asterisks of required fields are applied in red overall.

[Profile] Extended option for location gathering

User consent option for location gathering is added. End user will see a pop-up window whether allowing that location policy or not. If end users do not agree on it, location policy will be ignored at device level.

[Profile] Onelock Password

If IT admin set container password policy, end users should set password for a container even though Onelock option is turned on. (In that case, Onelock option will be turned off automatically.) But if a device password has higher security than a container, container password policy will follow device password policy.

[Profile] Wildcard support for Office 365

Once Office365 is selected, Exchange server address is automatically registered. If Office365 & User Information are selected, user information in EMM will be configured to device.

[Device] KM agent update by itself

IT admin can push Android KM agent update silently through device command without using Google Play store. Device command path is in EMM > Update system app.

[Remote Support] Remote Support for Knox Workspace

Remote Support is valid at Knox Workspace after applying this new policy which is Allow Remote Control in Profiles > Device Management Profile > Knox > Policy > System.

[Device] Change in device unlock

Unlock code works permanently (not an hour) like Unlock Device command.

  • Device Command in Device Management > Lock/Unlock device
  • Enter the Unlock Code in Device Detailed Information

Resolved issues and improvements

  • [00149419, 00149400 / KMVOC-7094 , KMVOC-7098] Cannot enroll Galaxy View in Knox Manage / Enrollment Failure: Signing into Samsung Knox Manage. Please wait.
  • [00149723, KMVOC-7120] Inaccurate Location Reported in Knox Manage
  • [00149118, KMVOC-7124] Template email bug
  • [00149624, KMVOC-7128] Internal App installation issue - application marked with ‘N’ lette
  • [00149940, KMVOC-7136] Username and Password of APN Settings is not applied to the device
  • [00150186, KMVOC-7137] Knox Manage APK Upload Fails
  • [00150175, KMVOC-7140] TMS Email formatting issues, same as #6962
  • [00149509, 00148753, KMVOC-7142] Device status changed from ‘disconnected’ to ‘activated’ even though license are expired
  • [00150181, KMVOC-7155] Unable to enroll

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