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Knox Manage 2.1.2 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Please refer to below list of new features and improvements to be released with Knox Manage version 2.1.2:

[Console] Updated admin portal login UI

Login window for IT admin is updated.

IT admin can now directly search for country code by typing country name or code when entering user’s mobile number.

[Console] Setting menu renovation

Settings menu is optimized as below. APNS Settings and DEP Setting are now under Settings > Device, and Logo Setting menu is under Settings > Admin Console.

[Console] Trivial UX enhancements

  1. Technical support start day is configured as today’s date by default.
  2. Organization chart is hidden by default.
  3. Font size of title is changed from 30 px to 25px (smaller).

[Console] Release note pop-up notification

Right after the production deployment, new pop-up window will show up in the console. Thorough link in the pop-up notification, all IT admins can go directly to the web page for the release note at, and check details. If you check “Do not show again” then you cannot see that pop-up until next release. In that situation, you can check Release Note through “About” menu.

[Device] Location history export

Each device location history can now be exported in GPX (GPS Exchange Format). Exported data can be used for waypoint, track, and route through other GPX viewer program.

[Device] Message on lock screen

IT admin can set contact number and customize message when sends lock command to device.

[Device] Device status simplification

The device status is simplified for easy use. The “Blocked by Admin” and “Blocked by System’ are merged into “Disconnected” status; also, disconnected device can be activated directly. Previously it was not possible to go directly to “activated” from “blocked” status.

  1. Device enrollment
  2. Command based device unenrollment
  3. Manual device unenrollment
  4. Communication between the KM server and agent is disconnected beyond the set KeepAlive expiration days
  5. Automatic activation when the KM server and agent resume the connection
  6. License key is not available
  7. License key is available

[Device] Password reset enhancement

In case of forget device password in employee device, IT admin can check temporary password in device detail window or in pop-up window and guide it to employee from this version.

The use case is same between in general area and in Knox Container area.

  1. Device > Device command > Reset screen/container password
  2. Check temporary password in pop-up window and guide to use
  3. Reset password from use

* Due to Android concept like One Lock from Android O OS, device behavior can be different slightly

[Remote Support] Using Remote Support through admin portal

Remote support can be triggered not only with RS viewer but also with admin portal if the device is enrolled already.

  1. IT admin can start the Remote Support service for enrolled devices through the icon in the devices menu in admin portal.
  2. Registered phone number is displayed in the pop-up window (editable).
  3. RS viewer is automatically launched after clicking Run (SSO applied with admin ID). The target device for Remote Support promptly get 6 digit code through SMS for the execution. If the RS app is running at the same time, digit code gets automatically applied in the RS app.

[Remote Support] Remote Support tool for non Samsung Android devices

Remote Support Tool from 2.1.2 supports non Samsung Android device such as Google Pixel or Huawei, but features are very limited.

Remote support only supports screen sharing between the Remote support viewer and a user’s device without interaction (event). However, screen capture, video recording and internal file explorer are not available. File transmission through internal file explorer is only available from viewer to app.

[Profile] Firewall network type

IT admin now can limit network interface as Mobile (Data), Wi-Fi or both in the firewall policy. (IP based firewall policy only)

[Profile] Firmware download mode control

IT admin can enable/disable Firmware download mode.

[Profile] High accuracy configuration for location

Android provides three types of locating method as in Figure B, and High Accuracy makes KM utilizes GPS, Wi-Fi, and mobile network all together to estimate device location. If you apply the policy under Scheduler > High Accuracy Mode, High Accuracy mode is applied to all assigned devices after user agrees to the terms in the final enrollment step as shown in Figure C.

In case of already enrolled device or cancelled by user, this can be applied according to the scheduler (30 minutes after in case of Figure A).

[Profile] Time fencing enhancement

You can add weekday (day of week) option to set time event.

16. [Profile] Automatic setup with Bookmark & Wi-Fi multiple configuration

In previous version, Knox Manage supported automatic setup only when a single item is configured in Setting. For multiple items, each item needed to be installed one by one manually.

From this version, automatic setup of multiple items for Bookmark & Wi-Fi can be configured in Profiles > Device Management Profile > Android > Settings.


  • Wi-Fi force-on policy did not function properly at times. Now advanced API is applied to push force-on for enhancement.
  • IT admin can setup proxy server under Wi-Fi configuration. Automatic and manual configurations are supported.
  • Technical Support admin id is changed from support@{corporate domain} to{corporate domain} under Settings > Admin Console > Administration.

Resolved issues and improvements

  • [KMVOC-6936] Lost access to Knox Manage on European side.
  • [KMVOC-6943] KME+KM enrollment failure - 102 error
  • [00137115, KMVOC-6949] Remote support license error, failed to validate the product key
  • [00137497, KMVOC-6961] Not able to enroll the device
  • [00137502, KMVOC-6965] User is able to manually delete a mandatory app from device’s home screen
  • [00137489, KMVOC-6966] KM api call got response 500 Read timed out error
  • [KMVOC-6974] Device Actions on multiple devices at once not working
  • [00147029, KMVOC-6975] Failed to send command to multiple devices
  • [00148411, KMVOC-7027] - Unexpected Notification Message in Knox Manage
  • [00148412, KMVOC-7034] Icon Recognition on internal APKs

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