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Knox Manage 2.1.0 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Please refer to below list of new features and improvements to be released with Knox Manage version 2.1.0:

Remote support tool enhancement

Enhanced version of remote support tool will be released. IT admins can download the remote support tool (both PC client and mobile app) in the Knox Manage admin portal, and end users can download mobile app in the Google Play Store.

  • Expand supporting device models to all Samsung Knox devices
  • Sign-in process by IT admin will be simplified—IT admins can sign in the remote support tool (PC client) using Knox Manage admin account
  • Mobile app network setting is removed—Only access code is required to connect with IT admins
  • Additional features - screen capture, video recording, and file transfer between IT admin PC and end-user device

DeX Support

For Knox 3.1+ devices, Knox Manage will support DeX specific control features. IT admins can apply the Ethernet and application block/allowlist policies to the devices for DeX mode.

Apple DEP (Device Enrollment Program) Support

DEP (Device Enrollment Program) for iOS devices will be available. Note that IT admins should have devices registered at Apple Deployment Program and configured mapping between DEP and Knox Manage.

  • Configuration of token value to DEP in Setting > Service > Configuration > DEP Setting
  • Devices & Users > DEP Device Management: IT admins can check device list and sync status with regard to DEP devices registered at Apple Deployment Program.

IT admins can manage DEP devices under Devices or Users & Organization to deploy device management profile.

Auto-configuration of device settings

Device settings such as Wi-Fi and VPN settings will be automatically applied to devices.

  • Case A (automated): Wi-Fi, Exchange Active Sync, e-Mail, APN, Bookmark
  • Case B (automated, but screen lock required): VPN, Generic VPN, Certificate, 802.1xEAP Wi-Fi

* Password, pattern or biometric authentication is required to configure these settings.

  • Case C (manual download): Cisco / Android VPN Management for Knox VPN
    Users should install these settings manually.

Kiosk app update enhancement

In previous version, Kiosk application update was only available through device command ( App management > install ). To streamline the application update process, Knox Manage will provide device command button in the Kiosk application view.

Language change while log-in

IT admins can change language setting of the console on or before log-in.

Simplified license registration

In previous version, IT admins had to choose license type either common or E-FOTA. In version 2.1.0, all types of licenses (Knox Manage, Workspace, or E-FOTA) can be registered without the need to make distinction. Knox Manage automatically detects the license type according to the naming rule.

Exceptions granted for USB host block

Even when USB host is blocked, specific USB interface can be allowed. For example, to allow DeX, leaving other types of USB access blocked, IT admins can allow the USB exception policy for DeX and leave other settings blocked.

Hiding AfW menu

AfW menu will be hidden during Knox-AfW harmonization development. The menu will be hidden in April version and will be reopened in August version.

Resolved issues and improvements

  • [TM1820EJ, KMVOC-6673] Kiosk Multiple App update is not reflected on device
  • [TM18300S, KMVOC-6715] Knox Manage console is frozen
  • [TM183054, TM18302R, KMVOC-6741] Voice calls are blocked by default
  • [00117429, KMVOC-6761] “Voice Service is Blocked " issue happen again
  • [TM182086, KMVOC-6660] Chrome & Samsung Internet works even though adding into “Application running blocklist” & “Application running prohibited list”
  • [00011996, KMVOC-6722] Unable to enroll KM at GT-I9060
  • [00117021, KMVOC-6736] Issue with user creation process in KM console
  • [00117399, KMVOC-6766] Bookmark in Multi-Kiosk in Knox Manage
  • [TM1830AM, KMVOC-6783] Can’t register new tenant “” in EU region
  • [00133752, KMVOC-6774] KNOX Manage App Block Issue while Enrolling
  • [00134831, KMVOC-6764] [Knox Manage] Agent is logged out automatically

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