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Knox Manage 2.0.2 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Please refer to below list of new features and improvements to be released with Knox Manage version 2.0.2:

Profiles view enhancement

IT admins and end users can view consolidated policies of device or application management profile in Knox Manage portal and in EMM agent interface, as well. In Knox Manage portal, the consolidated view of policies will be shown in “Device/Application Management Profile” page. On the device side, as shown below, a “View Policies” category will be added, and this will show the full list of applied policies.

Command enhancement for profile update

Applying device or application profiles was only applicable to selected devices via “Device” page by sending “Apply Latest Device/Application Management Profiles” command. With this enhancement IT admins can now apply an updated profile in the “Device/Application Management Profile” page.

UI/UX enhancement for device location

There will be several UI/UX enhancements to display device location.

  • IT admin can see the location of enrolled device from the dashboard. IT admin can customize the view of the Dashboard via Service Overview > Dashboard & Audit Setting > Dashboard Management.
  • In the Device page, Location icons will be automatically activated by default once device gets enrolled, which was a manual process in previous version.
  • In Device Location page, only activated device will be shown while devices as deactivated or blocked status will be removed to clean up invisible devices.
  • In Device Location page, IT admin can track historical locations of each device in timely order with numbering on the map.

Windows 10 support

Knox Manage EMM agent will be uploaded at Windows Apps. Applicable policies include password settings, device management policies (WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth, camera, screen capture, factory reset, VPN), application blocklist/allowlist, or allow/disallow access to Windows Apps.

Country selection in Google Play

Country selection in Google Play will be automatic according to the location of access point. To manually change the country, you may update Settings > Service > Configuration > 2. Default country code.

Knox Manage Portal password reset by IT admin

IT admin can reset Knox Manage portal password. Temporary password will be sent to IT admin’s registered email and phone number.

Samsung Cloud Connector for certificate server

Samsung Cloud Connector will be available in Certificate server. In particular, ADCS, SCEP, NDES, and CertAgent will be supported.

Invitation message template

Sending SMS invitation message, IT admins can specify specific invitation templates. In case of E-mail, QR code will be added to the invitation template.

Incoming/Outgoing call block

IT admins can block calls, either incoming or outgoing, or both, if required.


  • The Knox Manage Portal browser will automatically be refreshed, when Knox Workspace or E-FOTA license key is registered or deleted,.
  • NFC enable/disable feature will be added in Knox Container.
  • In creating “Multi-app Kiosk”, logo setting will be unchecked by default.
  • In the main screen of Knox Manage EMM agent, device ID will replace “Event OFF Basic”.

Resolved issues and improvements

  • [TM17C0RH, EMMVOC-6653] KM Applications : Error while uploading “internal applications”
  • [TM1810MT, EMMVOC-6642] Knox Manage Screensaver video does not start
  • [TM1810HP, EMMVOC-6626] Time event is not working
  • [TM1810EH, EMMVOC-6609] Kiosk screen saver video or image does not start
  • [TM1810EQ, EMMVOC-6613] Email field is empty in report export
  • [TM1810KB, EMMVOC-6611] Not able to send log files while connected to WiFi
  • [TM1810EN, EMMVOC-6607] User can connect to blocked Wi-fi SSID manually, WiFi SSDI Allowlist
  • [TM1810EH, EMMVOC-6610] Admin portal tooltip information correction
  • [TM1810BB, EMMVOC-6600] Enrollment failure after factory reset on KM enrolled device
  • [TM18108D, EMMVOC-6599] Error on Non-samsung devices
  • [TM18100C, EMMVOC-6546] Unable to create container with Knox Manage

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