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Error 1901166 — License replacement failure

Last updated December 15th, 2023



  • Knox Manage license
  • Knox Suite license
  • Knox E-FOTA


On the Knox Manage console, when replacing a Knox Manage license with a Knox Suite license using the Change license command, users might encounter an issue where the command fails. The following error is displayed in the audit log:

Result Code : Failure (1901166) Result History : CommandCode=ExchangeLicenseResponse


When upgrading a Knox Manage license to a Knox Suite license, a new Knox Suite license is produced. If a device is already enrolled in Knox E-FOTA with a different Knox Suite license, the conversion will fail. The device must use the same Knox Suite license.


To resolve the issue, users must unassign the device from Knox E-FOTA before upgrading the Knox Manage license to a Knox Suite license. After the license is upgraded, the device can be reassigned to Knox E-FOTA with the new Knox Suite license.

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