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Error RSA-1026 and RSA-5004 — Unable to start Knox Remote Support on device

Last updated July 26th, 2023



  • Knox Manage 23.06
  • Knox Remote Support


When accessing Knox Remote Support on the Device page on the Knox Manage console, users might encounter an error where both the Ask users to start and Automatically start (Force Run) actions fail. Either one of the following error codes show when you select those actions:

[RSA-1026] An error occurred on server.

[RSA-5004] Invalid access code.

This issue doesn’t occur when starting a remote session with an access code, or using the Knox Remote Support Viewer from the Knox Admin Portal


With Knox Manage 23.06, there is a version mismatch between the Knox Remote Support app and the server. This version discrepancy caused the issue.


To resolve this issue, users must update the Knox Remote Support app on the device to version 23.06 or higher.

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