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Unable to re-register managed Google Play account

Last updated December 15th, 2023



  • Knox Manage


When you set a new password for the managed Google Play account while the account is signed out on a device, and try to use the new password to sign in and re-register managed Google Play on the device, you might encounter an issue where the sign-in attempt fails.


When the managed Google Play account is unregistered from the device, the password for that account does not get updated on the device. When trying to re-register the account, the password gets updated in the Knox Manage console, but not in the Knox Manage agent on the device. The password discrepancy between the Knox Manage console and the Knox Manage agent causes the registration to fail.


To successfully re-register a managed Google Play account, you must push the existing profile to your device to update the new password in the Knox Manage agent on the device.

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