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Run a background app in kiosk mode

Last updated November 14th, 2023



  • Knox Manage
  • Kiosk mode


For devices in kiosk mode, IT admins can run some apps in the background that aren’t visible to the kiosk users. The background apps can be managed through the Knox Manage console.

How to run an app in the background on a Kiosk device

To run a background app:

  1. Assign an application to a user or group.

  2. Create a kiosk.

    • If you want an app to be visible to the kiosk user, add it to the kiosk.

    • If you want to run an app as a background app that’s not visible to the kiosk user, don’t add it to the kiosk. Instead, select the app in Allowlisted Apps Settings.

  3. Register a user on the Knox Manage console.

  4. Send a command to the device to run the app.

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