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How to add contacts to multi-app kiosks

Last updated January 22nd, 2024



  • Knox Manage
  • Fully Managed Android Enterprise kiosks
  • Multi-app Kiosk mode
  • Contact data stored in vCard (VCF) files


This article guides you on how to add contacts as VFC files to your multi-app kiosks in Knox Manage. Adding contacts to your fleet of kiosks provides all of your device users with a standard set of contacts that can be accessed while performing business tasks.

Add contact data to multi-app kiosks

To add contacts to your multi-app kiosks:

  1. In a mail app or other contact management solution, export each contact to individual vCard (VCF) files or to single consolidated VCF file.
  2. On the Knox Manage console, deploy the VCF file(s) as content to your multi-app kiosks. For more detailed instructions about managing content, see Add content, Assign content, and Distribute content.
  3. In the Kiosk Wizard, update your multi-app kiosk by dragging the Contact and Content utility components into the kiosk preview. If you need more detailed information about kiosk components and the kiosk preview, see Kiosk Wizard and Kiosk preview.

Import contacts on a multi-app kiosk

After the contacts are deployed to the multi-app kiosks in your fleet, device users must complete the following steps on each kiosk to import and access the distributed contacts. The VCF files must be imported from the Content directory in the local storage and then added to the Contacts app.

To import the distributed contacts on a multi-app kiosk, the device user must:

  1. Tap Content in the kiosk app to view all downloaded content.
  2. Tap a VCF file to import and save the contact data.

The device user must repeat steps 1–2 for each VCF files.

After the contact data is added, the device user can tap Contact in the kiosk app to access the list of contacts that were added.

Additional information

  • For general information about content management in your device fleet, refer to the content overview in the Knox Manage docs.
  • Learn how to use the Knox Manage Kiosk Wizard from the Knox Video Training Series.

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