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How to block app updates with Knox Service Plugin

Last updated July 26th, 2023



  • Knox Manage
  • Knox Service Plugin


This article provides guidance on restricting app updates on devices with Knox Service Plugin. Typically, enterprises want control over app updates to avoid potential unwanted disruption caused by changes to the app. Under normal circumstances with Android devices, you could employ Managed Google Play to curate apps and postpone each of their updates for 90 days. Samsung devices enhanced by Knox Service Plugin have the added capability to block updates indefinitely.

How to block app updates

To block app updates indefinitely with Knox Service Plugin:

  1. On the Knox Manage console, go to Profile.

  2. Create a new profile or modify an existing profile.

  3. Expand Samsung Knox > Knox Service Plugin policy drawer and set the following policies in Device-wide policies:

    • Enable device policy controlsTrue
    • Application management policies > Enable application management controlsTrue
    • Application management policies > App update controls > Application update policyBlock updates for specified apps only
    • Application management policies > App update controls > List of Apps — Click Add and select the apps for which you want to block updates
  4. Click Save & Assign to save your changes and assign the profile to your device group.

Once the updated profile is pushed to your devices, they will restrict further updates to the specified apps.

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