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How to set the side key to power off the device with a KSP policy

Last updated July 26th, 2023



  • Knox Manage (KM) with:

    • Knox Suite license, or
    • Knox Manage license with Knox Platform for Enterprise Premium license
  • Android device with Knox 3.4 or higher


When device users press and hold the side key of their device, it turns on Bixby by default. Samsung devices have a new feature where you can rebind the side key to a different function, such as powering off the device. You can rebind the side key by pushing a handful of Knox Service Plugin (KSP) policies to the device through Knox Manage.

How to bind the side key to power off the device

To set the device’s side key as a power off button:

  1. On the KM console, go to Profile.

  2. Click the name of the desired profile. The Profile Details page opens.

  3. Click Modify Policy. The Set Policy page opens.

  4. Expand Samsung Knox > Knox Service Plugin.

  5. In the Device-wide policies policy group, set Enable device policy controls to True.

  6. In the Device Customization Controls (Premium) policy group, set Enable device customization to True.

  7. In the Device and Settings Customization profile (Premium) policy group, under Configure values in settings menu, click add and add set the following values:

    • Name of the setting itemSide key > Press and hold
    • Set value for the settingUse specified value
    • Specify value — Set input value to 1
    • Allow end-user modification of this settingTrue
    • Configure to hide settingsFalse
  8. Click Save & Apply.

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