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How to set up a private Access Point Name on Samsung devices through KSP

Last updated January 22nd, 2024



  • Knox Manage (KM)
  • Knox Service Plugin (KSP)
  • Personally-owned Samsung device
  • EMM supporting KSP


This page explains how to set up a private Acess Point Name (APN) on Samsung devices through KSP. The example configuration used on this page is based on the KSP interface available on the KM console. The configuration settings in this article are universal and can be similarly applied to other UEMs.

How do I set up a private APN on Samsung devices through KSP?

To set up a private APN on a Samsung device:

  1. On the KM console, go to Profile, then click the target profile name. The Profile Details page opens.
  2. Click Modify Policy. On the Set Policy page, open Samsung Knox Android Enterprise > Knox Service Plugin.
  3. Set Device-wide policy > Enable device policy controls to True.
  4. Set Device Controls > APN Setting Policy > Enable APN settings policy control to True.
  5. Under APN Setting Policy > Name of APN Configuration to add or update, assign a name to the configuration you create.
  6. Optional: If you need to prevent device users from changing the APN settings on the device, set Allow user to change APN Settings to False.
  7. Click the APN configurations > Name field. Enter the name of the configuration you used in Step 4.
  8. Under APN (Access Point Name), enter an APN name.
  9. To make this the default profile, set the Set as a preferred APN policy to True.
  10. Enter an appropriate country and mobile network operator in the Mobile country code (MCC) and Mobile Network Codes (MNC) fields, respectively.
  11. Fill the fields in Authentication Type, APN Type, APN Protocol, and APN Roaming Protocol. These settings, along with the APN information, are provided by the mobile network operator.
  12. Fill the fields in the MMS section to specify the Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) details. If there are no entries, the APN configuration will not be sent to the device.
  13. Click Save > Apply.

Additional information

For more information on MCCs, see Mobile country code.

See the complete list of mobile number and country codes on the MCC and MNC list.

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