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How to add hidden Managed Google Play private apps

Last updated July 26th, 2023



  • Knox Manage
  • Managed Google Play apps


Some users experience an issue where the app is not present on the Application page on the Knox Manage console after trying the following:

How do I add hidden Managed Google Play private apps?

  1. On the Knox Manage console, go to the Application page.
  2. Click Add, then for the app type select Android & Wear OS, Public - Managed Google Play. The Google Play console opens in a dialog.
  3. Click Public apps button Search Play Store in the Google Play dialog.
  4. Search for the app’s package name using the format pname:application_package_name. The hidden app should be in the results.
  5. Select the app to view its details, then click Select. The Add Application page opens.
  6. Configure the app details, then Save it or Assign it to the appropriate group or organization in your tenant.

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