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Knox Manage license update failure for Android 9 or lower devices in legacy mode

Last updated July 26th, 2023



  • Knox Manage
  • Android Legacy
  • Android 9 and lower


For Android 9 and lower devices managed with Knox Manage in legacy mode, sending the Update license command sometimes fails after adding the new license to the Knox Manage console, causing devices to maintain the old license and their “expired” status.


When you send the Update license command, the Knox Manage console starts to sync the license with the expired devices. Then it waits for confirmation that the device user must agree to, confirming the switch to a new license. Within a given timeframe, if no actions are taken from the user, the Knox Manage agent will show a timeout error while waiting for the end-user agreement.

On the console, the following errors will appear in the Update license command history when viewing the command in detail:

Request History: {"ElmLicenseType":"Bck", "ImeiSerial":"", "KnoxLicenseSupport":"Support", "NewKnoxLicenseId":"-1282963373", "NewKnoxLicenseType":"Km", "PreviousKnoxLicenseId":"-1282963373", "PreviousKnoxLicenseType":"Km", "ReportType":"UpdateLicense"}
Result Code: Failed (Internal)
Result History: CommandCode=ReportRequest

Request History: NotificationId=AASdcf59a714725476ca3f74660c807f1f6, {ElmLicenseType=Bck, ImeiSerial=, KnoxLicenseSupport=Support, NewKnoxLicenseId=-1282963373, NewKnoxLicenseType=Km, PreviousKnoxLicenseId=-1282963373, PreviousKnoxLicenseType=Km, ReportType=UpdateLicense}
Result Code: Failed (1901035)
Result History: EMM Agent error occurred


You should inform the device users about the planned license update and ask them to agree to the license update/sync pop-up once received.

If the target devices have their language set to Arabic, the pop-up message will not appear (an upcoming fix is planned for this case). Meanwhile, we suggest changing the device language to English before sending the Update license command.

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