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How to apply firewall policies to Kiosk Browsers and bookmarks under multi-app Kiosks

Last updated July 26th, 2023



  • Knox Manage (KM)
  • Samsung Knox Devices
  • Multi-Kiosk Mode/ Kiosk Browser


Knox Manage allows applying URL restrictions to configured/managed devices, where you can specify the allowed/disallowed URLs for each page per package when using Samsung Knox Policies.


Device users can access the internet with normal browsers, the “bookmark” option within the multi-app kiosk, and via the “kiosk browser” set with Knox Manage profiles.

Applying firewall policies to available browsers (ex. Chrome, Samsung Internet) and to the “web view service” does not reflect on the Kiosk-bookmarks added in “Multi-app kiosk”, nor on the “Kiosk Browser” locked on the device. This allows end-users to access embedded links in the web pages that appear within the defined Kiosk Bookmarks/ Kiosk Browser, which you might want to restrict (ex. Social media links at the bottom of a web page).


You need to use the “Samsung Knox Android Enterprise” firewall policies in order to apply firewall restrictions on bookmarks within the multi-app kiosk mode and on devices locked with “Kiosk browser”.

For devices set with “Kiosk Browser”, you must list the allowed and prohibited URLs, and select the “Kiosk Browser” package as the targeted package for firewall restrictions

Kiosk browser package name: com.sds.emm.singleweb

For devices set with “Multi-app Kiosk”, you must list the allowed and prohibited URLs, and add the multi-app kiosk package name ( **com.sds.emm.kiosk. kiosk_name__ ) as the targeted package for firewall restrictions.

The multi-app Kiosk package name can be found under the “Kiosk Name” column. This is available under the “Kiosk” menu item.

Additional information:

For more information on how to set up a Knox Policies under Android Enterprise within Knox Manage profiles, go to the Knox Manage manual guide.

For more information on how to allow a specific site on a specific app using a Firewall policy, please see the KBA article.

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