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How to configure lock screen notifications in Knox Manage

Last updated July 26th, 2023



  • Knox Manage (KM)
  • Knox Suite License or Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) License
  • Knox Service Plugin (KSP)


Sometimes users will forget their lock screen password and you will need to reset it and provide a temporary password. This is sent to their device, however, the temporary password may not be visible if the lock screen notifications are set to only show icons and not the content. To customize the lock screen notifications, you can use a Knox Service Plugin (KSP) policy within the Knox Manage Portal.

How do I configure lock screen notifications in Knox Manage?

  1. On the left sidebar of your KM console, click Profile, then click Modify Policy.
  2. Go to Samsung Knox (Android Enterprise).
  3. Search for Knox Service Plugin.
  4. Click Device-Wide policies > Enable device Policy Controls > True.
  5. Click Device and Settings customization profile (Premium) > Configure Values.
  6. Click the + sign to add the configuration.
  7. Search for Lock Screen > Notification > View style.
  8. Click Use Specified value and enter any of the following values: 0 (Detailed), 1 (Icon Only), or 2 (Brief).
  9. Set Allow end-user modification of this setting > False.
  10. Set Configure to hide settings > True.
  11. Click Save > OK.
  12. Click Apply > OK.

Additional information

To read more about Knox Manage, please refer to the Knox Manage guide.

For more about Knox Manage policies, please refer to the Knox Manage policies.

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