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How to re-apply Knox Manage’s Single App Kiosk Mode after sending “Exit Kiosk” command

Last updated July 26th, 2023



  • Knox Manage (KM)
  • Android Enterprise (AE) Device Owner (DO) mode


In Knox Manage (KM) v20.2, the “Exit Kiosk” command was introduced to allow devices to exit Kiosk mode without requiring unenrollment. With this command, you can change the device settings even after applying Single App Kiosk mode.

This article guides you through the steps on how to set up Single App Kiosk mode on a device in KM, as well as how to re-apply it after sending the “Exit Kiosk” command.

How do I enroll a device in Knox Manage’s Single App Kiosk mode?

  1. In your KM console, in the Managed Play Store, add and approve the application.
  2. Go to Android Enterprise Settings > Assign Application.
  3. Select Org/Group.
  4. Go to Profile > Kiosk > Kiosk App Settings.
  5. Select Single App, then select Chrome.

To change the device settings after the kiosk is set up, send the “Exit Kiosk” command under Device > Device Command > Knox Manage > Exit Kiosk.

How do I re-apply Single App Kiosk mode after sending the “Exit Kiosk” command?

To apply Kiosk mode again after sending the exit command:

  1. On the device, in the task manager, clear all recent apps.
  2. In your KM console, go to Device > Device Command > Device.
  3. Select Apply latest profile.

Ensure the device is out of Kiosk mode before applying the latest profile. You must clear the kiosk application from the task manager, or the user may be able to use the navigation bar and exit the kiosk.

After applying the latest profile, the device displays the kiosk application again.

Additional information

To learn more about KM policies, please refer to the KM admin guide.

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