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How to enable Single Sign-On for Knox Manage sub-administrators

Last updated July 26th, 2023




Your Knox Manage (KM) sub-admins may report that they cannot launch KM from the Knox Admin Portal. This knowledge base article provides guidance on how to enable Single Sign-On (SSO) for your sub-admins to resolve the console launch issue.

How do I set up Single Sign-On for my Knox Manage sub-administrators?

Currently, KM has a separate user management system from Only the user who created your KM tenant has automatic SSO access to KM. All users created by the original admin must sign in to KM using the direct sign-in URL.

If you want to enable SSO for additional KM admins as the original admin, follow the steps below:

  1. In KM, create the sub-admin using the user’s email address as the Admin ID.
  2. Using the sub-admin’s email, register for an account at If you are also using one of the Knox Cloud Services, invite the admin from that service first to ensure they can access both.
  3. From your Knox User Dashboard, create a Knox Manage support ticket with the following details:
I would like to request SSO access for the user in my Knox Manage tenant.

After the KM team processes your request, the sub-admin can then launch KM via SSO from their Knox User Dashboard.

How do I change the Knox Manage Single Sign-On (SSO) mapping for my account?

If you want to access your KM user through SSO or use your account to access a different KM user, you can submit a Knox Support ticket to request that SSO be enabled for your account.

In your ticket, include the completed template below:

I would like to request a change to my Single Sign On (SSO) mapping for Knox Manage.

I will be (mark one):

[X] using a different email ( account) to access my Knox Manage user via SSO

[ ] using the same email ( account) to access a different Knox Manage user via SSO

Current User Samsung Account Email: <>

Current KM Admin ID:  <admin>

Current KM Tenant ID: <>

Current KM Region:  <eu04>

To-be User Samsung Account Email: <>

To-be KM Admin ID: <admin>

To-be KM Tenant ID: <>

To-be KM Region: <eu04>

In the example above, the admin is using their new Email ID to access the same KM user via SSO from their Samsung Knox User Dashboard.

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