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How to configure Knox Browser in Knox Manage

Last updated July 26th, 2023



  • Knox Manage
  • Knox Suite License
  • Samsung device running Android 9 and higher


This article guides you through how to set up Knox Browser, a highly secure and configurable web browser for Samsung devices running Android 9 and higher. When a KM profile enables Knox Browser, the Knox Browser app silently installs on the device after enrollment or when the profile deploys.

To get started with Knox Browser, you need a Knox Suite License and a Samsung device running Android 9 and higher.

How do I configure Knox Browser in Knox Manage?

  1. On the KM console, go to Profile.
  2. Create a new Android Enterprise profile or select an existing one.
  3. Under Android Enterprise, navigate to the Knox Browser policy, and select Use.
  4. Click Save & Assign.

Here is the list of policies that configure the Knox Browser app:

  • Homepage URL — Specifies the home page of the browser.
  • App Auto Update — Controls the update behavior of the app.
  • Hide URL — Hides the address bar of the browser.
  • URL Control Type — Specifies whether to use a URL allowlist or blocklist.
  • URL Control List — Specifies the list of URLs to allow or block.
  • Link URL to Other Apps — Enables links with web intents, or in other words links that interact with other apps.
  • Cookies — Allow or disallow the use of browser cookies.
  • File Download — Allows the device user to download files.
  • File Upload — Allows the device user to upload files.
  • Text Copy — Allows the device user to copy text in the browser.
  • Screen Capture — Allows screen capture in the browser.
  • Bookmark — Adds default bookmarks to the browser.
  • Text Scaling — Controls the default text size on web pages.
  • Force Enable Zoom — Controls the default zoom level of web pages.

For the complete list of Knox Browser policies and their settings, see the Knox Browser policy group in Android Enterprise policies.

For quick access and app status, the device user can take the following actions on the Know Browser app:

  • Add to Home screen — They can add a shortcut to open the app to the device’s home screen. Alternatively, they can also add this shortcut from the device’s profile screen.
  • View app information — They can view detailed information about the Knox Browser app from the app bookmark or shortcut. To view detailed information, they tap Bookmark > About to open the Knox Browser app info screen.

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