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How to prevent a plugged-in Android device’s screen from turning off

Last updated July 26th, 2023



  • Knox Manage Kiosk mode
  • Android Enterprise enrollment type
  • Devices running Android 6.0 and above


For deployments where devices may be permanently plugged in and charging, you may want to force the device screen to stay on.

Previously only available in Knox Configure, this knowledge base article shows you how to configure the Always on Display and Screen on when Plugged in policies to keep device screens on with Knox Manage.

The Screen on when Plugged in policy is only available for devices running Kiosk mode.

How to keep the device screen on when plugged in and charging

To configure a profile to keep the device screen on:

  1. In your Knox Manage console, click Profile.

  2. Create or modify a profile with Android Enterprise set as the enrollment type.

  3. Set the following policies in the Android Enterprise policy drawer:

    • System > Always on DisplayAllow
    • Kiosk > Screen on when Plugged inApply
    • Kiosk > Screen on when Plugged in > Screen On when Plugged into Charger — Select the desired charging methods.
  4. Click Save & Assign to assign the profile to a group or organization.

After the policy is enabled and the device is connected to a charger, the screen stays on until it is disconnected.

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