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How to enroll a Windows device in Knox Manage

Last updated January 22nd, 2024



  • Knox Manage (KM)

  • Windows mobile device or desktop with Microsoft Windows 10 Version 1703 and higher (Home, Pro, Business, Enterprise, Education, and Mobile editions)

How do I enroll a Windows device in Knox Manage?

To enroll a Windows device in Knox Manage (KM), you’ll first need to:

Create a profile:

In the left sidebar of your KM console, select the Profile tab > click Add > enter a profile name and choose Windows Platform > click Save and & Set Policy > change the policies as needed, then click Save.

Create an organization/group:

After you create a profile, select the Organization or Group tab > click Add > Enter a code and name, then select the Knox Manage license and either the Android Legacy or Android Enterprise management type. Click Save & Assign to assign it to the profile you just created.

Create a user:

Select the User tab > click Add > Enter the required info. Select the organization/group you created, the Knox Manage license, and either the Android Legacy or Android Enterprise management type > click Save & Request Enrollment.

After KM setup is complete, you can then enroll your Windows Devices.

Device enrollment:

Next, you need to install the KM agent on your Windows device.

You can send the installation guide via email or SMS (if the mobile number is registered). Navigate to the User tab > select the user > choose Request Enrollment. Alternatively, you can search for the Knox Manage agent on the Microsoft Store and download it.

After installing and launching the KM app on the device, enter the user credentials from the Create a user step to sign in to KM. If login is successful, the policies are applied to the device. You can also view the device in the Devices tab of your KM console.

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