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How to allow or disallow device users to change mobile network setting

Last updated July 26th, 2023



  • Knox Manage (KM)
  • Android Enterprise device owner (AE DO) mode


This knowledge base article guides you through the steps to configure whether or not to allow changes to the mobile network setting.

This method only works on new devices or recently factory reset devices that are not yet enrolled in KM.

How do I prevent changes to the mobile network setting by device users?

Before your target devices are enrolled in KM, ensure that the Mobile Network Setting policy is set to Disallow in the profile you plan to enroll them in. You can do this by navigating to Profile > Android Enterprise > Interface > Mobile Network Setting.

If a SIM card has already been inserted into a device upon setup, mobile data will be set to On by default. If the device is then enrolled in KM, the Mobile Network Setting configuration is applied, and the device user won’t be able to toggle mobile data on and off on the device settings. However, mobile data settings can be changed on the quick settings panel by swiping down the screen.

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