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Enable notification badges for the phone and SMS app in a kiosk

Last updated April 9th, 2024



  • Knox Manage
  • Android
  • Kiosk mode
  • Multi-app kiosk


There might be some instances where the notification badges are required to display on the phone and SMS apps in a kiosk. Notification badges are not enabled automatically, and require you to grant the notification access permission.

Notification badge for the phone and SMS app

How to enable notification badges in a kiosk

If you don’t grant the notification access permission, the pop up displays every time you tap the app.

After the kiosk package is first installed on the device, the Notification access permission screen automatically opens if the phone or SMS app are allowed in the kiosk. Grant the notification access permission to enable notification badges.

If Android fails to apply the permission or automatically revokes it at a later time, you can re-grant the permission for either or both apps:

  1. On the kiosk home screen, tap the app shortcut that requires notification badges.
  2. A pop up opens, prompting you to grant notification access permissions for the kiosk. Click OK.
  3. The Notification access screen opens. Click Allow.

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