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App icons display without labels in a kiosk

Last updated December 27th, 2023



  • Knox Manage
  • Kiosk mode


You might encounter an issue with devices in kiosk mode where app icons don’t show labels while the device is in landscape orientation.


Due to its size, the app icon overlaps the available space designed for both the icon and the label. This overlap results in the label not displaying on the screen.


Ensure that the Icon Size configuration in your kiosk corresponds to the correct orientation and app grid size for the device’s home screen:

Auto-rotate Landscape Maximum icon size
Landscape 3x3 90%
4x3 90%
4x4 80%
5x4 80%
5x5 75%
6x5 75%
6x6 65%
7x6 65%
7x7 55%
8x7 55%
8x8 50%
9x8 50%
9x9 no label
Auto-rotate 3x3 90%
4x4 80%
5x5 75%
6x6 65%
7x7 55%
8x8 50%
9x9 no label

To change the icon size:

  1. On the Knox Manage console, go to Kiosk.
  2. Select your kiosk, and click Modify.
  3. Click Advanced Setting.
  4. Adjust the Icon Size slider based on Orientation & Grid.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Select your kiosk, and click Apply to push the updated kiosk to your device fleet.

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