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Reinstall Managed Google Play apps

Last updated July 26th, 2023



  • Knox Manage
  • Android Enterprise
  • Managed Google Play (MGP) app


Prior to Knox Manage 22.08, tenants could remotely force MGP apps to install or reinstall on a device by sending the Install or Update App device command.

Due to changes to the Google APIs that control Android device management, as of Knox Manage 22.08 the Install or Update App command is no longer available for MGP apps. Furthermore, the device user can manually uninstall any MGP app, even if it was first installed automatically, with no official means of reinstalling it automatically. If an MGP app is required on the device during the course of business, you can perform the workaround described in the next section to reinstall it.

This change to the API doesn’t affect the app’s initial installation. You can still choose to automatically install an MGP app when you first assign it, as described in Assign Managed Google Play apps.


To bypass the limitation on force-reinstalling an MGP app:

  1. When you first assign the app, set the Installation Type to Automatic (Non-removable).
  2. Finish assigning the app to the target devices.
  3. Later, if the app requires reinstallation, send the Apply Latest Profile command to the device.

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