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How do i add shared exchange account

Last updated July 26th, 2023

How do I add a shared Exchange account to an organization in Knox Manage?

To push an Exchange configuration using Android Enterprise, use managed configurations for Samsung Email:

  1. In your Knox Manage console, navigate to Application > Add > Public .
  2. Search for Samsung Email , then approve and add the app.
  3. Click Save & Assign
  4. On the next screen, select Android Enterprise as the Target Device .
  5. Select your desired Install Type .
  6. Next to Managed Configuration , select Set Configuration . Configure the settings as below:
    1. When prompted, enter a name for your managed configuration.

    2. In the Email Address field, enter



    3. In the Username field, enter


      to automatically pull your Knox Manage user ID.

    4. Configure the rest of the fields as per your organization’s requirement, then save your changes.

  7. Assign the Samsung Email app to your target organization or group.
  8. Navigate to Profile > Samsung Knox > Knox Service Plugin > set Enable Device Policy to True .
  9. Under Whitelisted DAs , add Samsung Email.

The Samsung Email app is now whitelisted and the Exchange configuration is pushed through Android Enterprise.

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