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Faq 508 locate device android enterprise device owner mode

Last updated July 26th, 2023

How to locate devices in Android Enterprise (AE) Device Owner (DO) mode

To force enable GPS and Report Device Location, and prevent the user from disabling GPS:

  1. Go to KM console > Profile , select your profile and click Modify Policy at Profile Details .
  2. Go to Android Enterprise > System .
  3. Set Location Setting to Disallow .
  4. Go to Android Enterprise > Location .
  5. Set Report Device Location for Device to Allow and Report Device Location Interval to an appropriate value.
  6. Click Save to modify the policy.

As the device’s GPS configuration is turned on by default, enrolling it in KM applies the Location Setting policy and prevents the user from disabling GPS.

IMPORTANT — In order to track the location of Android 11 and 12 devices, the device user must grant the KM agent location access. This affects devices with the following deployment types:

  • Employee-owned devices with a Work Profile
  • Shared devices with a secondary account

You should inform users with these devices to allow the following access settings:

  • Android 11:
    1. When the KM agent requests location access, the user must select While using this app .
    2. Then, they must go to Work profile settings > Apps > Knox Manage > App permissions , and set Location to Allow all the time .
  • Android 12 and higher:
    • When the KM agent requests location access, the user must select Precise and While using this app .

If you want to find your device but it’s not possible with KM, you can try another option like Google Find My Device .

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