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Unable to invite a new administrator to Knox Configure China

Last updated July 26th, 2023



  • Knox Configure China (KC China)


There are 2 common errors that can cause IT admins to be unable to invite a new administrator to their KC console:

  1. The new administrator being invited has already been invited before.
  2. The new administrator invited does not receive the invitation email sent by the Knox system, but there was no error message indicating the invitation was not successful in the KC China portal after selecting INVITE.


To resolve issue #1, please follow the resolution outlined in the linked article above.

For issue #2, it is most likely that the invitation email was rejected as spam by the receiving email server.


IT admins should check email filters to ensure they can receive the verification email.

If the new admin is still unable to receive the invitation email due to their filter, users can complete the invitation process by applying for a KC account ( When applying, the application will be automatically approved and associated with the primary KC account of the company that had invited them.

Please ensure the administrator you are inviting is using a business email address. Personal email addresses such as,, etc, that use 3rd party email receiving servers can often reject emails coming from Samsung servers.

This only applies to the KC China region. Please do not follow this resolution if you are being invited to KC in the US or EU region. Follow this article if you are not properly receiving the verification email in these regions instead.

Additional Information

To request access to Knox Configure China, please refer to the article How to sign up for Knox Configure China.

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