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Knox Configure frequently asked questions

Last updated July 26th, 2023

On this page, you’ll find answers to the most common questions that new customers have about Knox Configure.

Knox Configure is a cloud-based solution for customizing and staging Samsung devices remotely, right out of the box. It helps service and content providers rebrand and customize Samsung devices with a frictionless, out-of-the-box setup process. Advanced device configuration enables them to tailor every granular aspect to their specific needs and to transform devices into purpose-built appliances. For a comprehensive list of features, see Knox features on Android.

Two Knox Configure editions are available:

  • Setup edition is designed for a one-time deployment of apps and settings to enrolled devices without incremental updates. Within the license period, all settings remain even after a factory reset.
  • Dynamic edition is designed to deploy and update enrolled device policies as many times as needed without a factory reset. It includes all the policies and settings available in the setup edition as well as other enhancements such as Single/Multi ProKiosk mode, Profile push updates, and Unlimited app installation.

Knox Configure is supported on Samsung devices running Knox versions 3.0 and higher, and running Android 8 and higher.

Each Knox solution, including Knox Configure, supports the five most recent major Android versions. That is, the most recent version plus the four previous versions.

Your trial includes the full, unrestricted features of Knox Configure. You can set up your Knox Configure account, create and customize profiles, and assign the profiles to your devices. The trial license is valid for 90 days with a maximum of 30 devices for either the Setup or Dynamic edition.

Yes. When a trial license is switched to a commercial one, the customer tenant is not changed. The existing configuration data remains on the tenant that you created during your free trial. Therefore, the only thing you need to do is keep using the Knox Configure portal. You can manage more devices over a longer period of time, and use as many commercial licenses as needed without having to conduct any backups or transfer any data or settings. To upgrade your trial license, consult your Knox reseller.

Knox Configure is intended for publishers and media service providers, as well as telecom operators that are looking for ways to launch target segment-specific phones or tablets. This service helps them ensure that each of their brands, as well as the desired user experience, can be applied to end-user devices by remotely configuring the devices. Configure devices to fit your specific needs with no development or unboxing required.

No. Booting or shutdown animations, wallpapers, and lock screen customizations are added by customers. See Create a custom animation file to learn how to make and upload customized graphics on the Knox Configure console.

To address issues you might encounter while using Knox Configure, explore the admin guide for Device-side errors and Portal-side errors. Also, explore the KBAs for up-to-date resolutions to known issues. For issues that can’t be solved by using our online resources, you can sign up on to send us inquiries or create support tickets. See Get support to learn how to create a support ticket.

The term KDP stands for the Knox Deployment Program, which enables trusted Samsung device resellers to register devices for their enterprise customers. If you purchase devices from one of these resellers, you can then use Knox Configure (KC) to customize devices for your enterprise needs. Only devices purchased from participating resellers can be verified and uploaded to KC through the program.

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