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Enroll a device

Last updated September 27th, 2023

Enroll a device

There are multiple ways to enroll devices using Knox Configure.

If you’re setting up a new device or a device that’s been factory reset, enrollment can be done automatically as part of the device setup procedures.

Alternatively, if you’re enrolling a device that’s already in use, you can enroll it without factory resetting the device.

Enroll a factory reset device

To reduce the labor required with large deployments, a device profile push can be completed by the end user pressing FINISH on their device, or after a 5 second auto-timer expiration. The device FINISH and RESTART buttons still display, but there is a 5 second timer to complete the action with less user input. If there is no user input after the 5 second timer countdown, the device screen automatically moves to the device home screen or restarts.

  1. Turn on the device and go through the device setup procedures.

  2. If you have not done so already, connect to a Wi-Fi network. Knox Configure prompts you to begin the device enrollment process.

  3. Tap Continue. Read the EULA and tap Agree to enroll the device.

  4. The following processes occur:

    • The device downloads the Knox Configure profile.
    • If apps are in the profile, the device downloads and installs those apps.
    • Knox Configure activates a license.
    • The device downloads other required content.
  5. When the device is successfully enrolled, a confirmation screen displays. If the device has been configured as a ProKiosk, a device reboot is required.

Enroll a device that’s already in use

  1. Open the device’s browser and go to

  2. If the device has never been set up with Knox Configure before, tap FIRST-TIME ENROLLMENT.

    If the device has previously been set up with Knox Configure, tap RE-ENROLL.

    Knox Configure mobile enrollment screen

    Alternatively, the device user can request the updated profile data from their device.

    For devices running Android 13 or higher, you can pull a profile update using Device settings > Advanced features > Configuration service > Profile information > Update.

    For devices running older versions of Android, you can pull a profile update using Device settings > About phone > Software information > Knox Configure > Apply latest profile.

Enroll a device using a QR code

You can set up QR code enrollment to allow device users to assign a profile to a device by scanning a QR code generated in the profile creation process. See the QR code enrollment section of Create a profile for details.

Once enrolled with a QR code, the device user can’t assign a different profile to the device using a QR code until the device has been unassigned.

Once you’ve generated an enrollment QR code for a profile, device users can scan it during the out-of-box enrollment process to configure their device with the profile.

Unassign a device

When unassigning a device from a profile, be aware that an admin is unable to manage the device until after a profile is configured again. An admin is also unable to send push updates until a new profile assignment is made.

A device can be unassigned from its assigned profile when:

  • A customer manually unassigns the device from its profile.

  • The device is using a staggered license and the service period has ended.

  • The device is using a non-staggered license and the 30-day license expiration grace period has ended.

Additionally, when a device is unassigned from its profile, the following occurs regardless of profile type:

  • The Knox Configure server sends a push update to revoke policies.

  • The Knox Configure client keeps apps and content.

  • The Knox Configure client will not be uninstalled.

  • A factory reset is allowed.

Devices can be unassigned from the DEVICES screen when the selected device has a status of Profile assigned, Error, Canceled by user, Configured, Failed to configure, or Updates pushed.

To unassign a device from its current profile assignment:

  1. Click Profiles from the left-hand navigation menu.

  2. Click the profile you want to unassign the device from.

  3. On the Profile configuration dashboard, click DEVICES.

  4. Select the device you want to unassign from its current profile.

  5. Click ACTIONS, then click Unassign devices.

    Actions menu

  6. Review the warning statement on the Unassign profile screen, then click Confirm to unassign the device.

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