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Last updated July 26th, 2023

This topic explains how to obtain Knox Configure support resources and contact Support to submit an issue.

To access Knox Configure support:

  1. Select Feedback & Support from the left-hand navigation menu.



Refer to the RESOURCES field to access valuable user and troubleshooting guides, Q&A information, and device state resources designed to assist with you mobile device, tablet or wearable device enrollment and configuration activities.

Technical support

If you would like to generate a support ticket if you encounter an issue when using Knox Configure, select the TECHNICAL SUPPORT field.

To leave feedback on your usability experience directly through the Knox Configure console, go to: Providing KC feedback.

How it works

Refer to the HOW IT WORKS field to access a brief overview about how to get started using Knox Configure.

Knox Configure feedback

If needed, select the SEND FEEDBACK button provide feedback directly to the Knox support team with any improvements ideas or suggestions you may have for Knox Configure. For more information, go to: Providing KC feedback.

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