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License details

Last updated April 24th, 2024

Knox Configure presents all the information about your licenses on the Licenses page on the console.

Specifically, it captures the following license details:

Field What does it mean?
License name

Lists the name assigned to license upon creation.


Displays the total number of seats purchased with this selected license. The number of remaining seats also displays the Assigned and Activated statuses associated with a device and its profile.

License key

Displays the License key used as a unique alphanumeric code to activate this specific license. Before you enter a Commercial license key, you must delete the Trial license key.


Displays whether the selected license is a Setup or Dynamic or Accessory Trial or Commercial license. Trial licenses are temporary and subject to expiration upon the Activation end date. Commercial licenses are perpetual and not subject to expiration. Trial licenses can also be deleted from the Knox Configure console when they are no longer required for device testing.


Tells you whether this selected license is currently active, registered, or expired.

Start date

Defines the beginning date and time a license can be activated for device license seat allocation. The Activation start date begins the expiration countdown of a trial license activation period.

License end date

Lists the end date of the license seat activation period under the terms of this selected license. When a license reaches its activation end date, the assigned count matches the number of remaining devices assigned profiles. After this date, this license cannot be used to assign or activate additional devices. Devices that have already been activated with this license can remain active for the remainder activation period.

Click Save to save any updates you make to the License name.

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