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Assign a profile to a device

Last updated September 27th, 2023

In the Knox Configure console, you can create profiles with the device settings, restrictions, apps, and other content to deploy to groups of devices. After devices have been successfully enrolled in the enterprise, they receive device profiles via Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Once a profile is configured, it can be assigned to specific Knox Configure managed devices. Device assignment is the final step in the configuration process, though devices can be locked by carriers and resellers post-deployment. Additionally, each Knox Configure managed device has its own Device details and Device log screens that you can use to assess its current configuration and event history. For more information, see Review device details and device logs.

Assign devices

Available devices are shown on the DEVICES tab of the Devices screen. Unassigned devices available for profile assignment are labeled as Unassigned in the STATUS column. To list all devices regardless of their status, click the STATUS column header, then click CLEAR to remove any active filters.

The Devices screen contains the following tabs:

  • DEVICES — View the device IDs, model information, profile assignments, service expiry dates, statuses, tags, and modification dates of your organization’s devices. You can also filter devices using any of these parameters.

    Devices can have up to five tags each for more refined filtering. Note that Enterprise edition devices will have an Enterprise Edition tag appended to them.

  • UPLOADS — View devices organized by reseller uploads. In this tab, you can approve uploads and assign profiles as needed for specific deployments, manage tags for logical sorting and filtering, and export device uploads as a CSV file. You can also search for individual resellers.

  • BULK ACTIONS — Using a properly formatted CSV file, you can configure numerous devices in one bulk configuration operation. For details, see Bulk device operations.

To assign devices:

  1. In the Devices table, select the devices you want to assign a profile to.

  2. Click ACTIONS in the top right corner, then click Assign profile.

  3. On the Select profile screen, select the profile you want to assign to the selected devices. You can sort profiles by name and date modified as well as filter by profile type.

  4. Once you’ve selected a profile, click ASSIGN.

Your profile is now assigned to the devices you selected.

Additional device actions

To assign a different profile to a device, see Change a device’s profile assignment.

To update a profile and push the updated profile to a device, see Update an existing profile.

To unassign a profile from a device, see the Unassign a device section of Device enrollment.

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