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Use the Configuration service

Last updated September 6th, 2023

When a device is configured with Knox Configure, the device user can view configuration details and contact information for your organization in the Configuration service, which is a service accessible from the Device settings > Advanced features menu.

The Configuration service is designed as a troubleshooting tool for the device user. If they encounter a problem with the device, they can contact your support team using the contact information included in the service as well as view the profile that the device has been configured with.

All of the information displayed in the Configuration service is also available on the Knox Configure console.

Knox Configure client

The Company information screen shows your organization’s support contact information.

Company information

The Profile information screen shows the device’s current Knox Configure profile and the date when it was applied.

If the device is configured with a ProKiosk profile, the device user can also Enter ProKiosk Mode from the Profile information screen.

Profile information

The About Configuration Service screen shows licenses for open source software used by Knox Configure and the Samsung Knox privacy policy.

About Configuration service

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