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Device states

Last updated July 26th, 2023

This section covers wearable device states.

Device states

Wearable devices submitted to Knox Configure progress through the following states when assigned profiles and configurations are pushed to the wearable device:

  • Unassigned — The wearable device is uploaded to Knox Configure, but there are no profiles yet assigned to this wearable device.
  • Profile assigned — A profile was assigned to the wearable device, but the device has yet to been configured. For example, the device may not have been powered on since a profile has been assigned.
  • In progress — A profile assignment has been made and the subsequent wearable device configuration is in progress and pending completion.
  • Error — A problem was encountered during wearable device configuration rendering the process incomplete. For more information, go to Configuration errors.
  • Cancelled by user — The end user has skipped the wearable device profile configuration. The profile configuration must be restarted to configure the wearable device.
  • Configured — This wearable device has successfully received a Knox Configure profile or the profile update has been pushed successfully.
  • Failed — This wearable device has failed to receive its profile, or a profile update was not successfully pushed.
  • Updates pushed — A profile update has been pushed to the wearable device, but the wearable device is still updating and the process is incomplete.

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