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Monitor device and accessory states

Last updated April 24th, 2024

Accessory edition causes the device status to transition through the following states when the accessory enrolls the device.

Device status

Status Meaning
Unassigned No profiles have been assigned or a previously applied profile has been unassigned from the device. You can’t unassign a profile from a device. The profile is unassigned due to license expiration.
Profile assigned A profile with a newly generated accessory ID is created but the device is yet to be configured, or the device user previously cancelled the configuration process and is tagging the accessory again.
Configured The device has successfully received the profile along with its accessory ID.
Canceled by user The device user has skipped the device profile configuration. The process must be restarted in order to configure the device.
Failed to configure Device has failed to receive the profile, or a profile update was not successfully pushed.
Deleted The device associated with the accessory ID has been deleted by the device user.

Accessory status

Similarly, the accessory ID linked to a profile also transitions through the following states during its management lifecycle:

kc accessory uid status

Status Meaning
Assigned An accessory ID is newly generated while creating a profile, which includes a valid Accessory (Staggered) license. Switching an expired license also causes an accessory ID to attain the Assigned status.
Activated A device is configured using the accessory ID.
Unassigned A valid Accessory (Staggered) license has expired. Switching to an active license will transition the status to the Assigned status. The accessory status transitions from Activated to Unassigned even when the license terminates from the Samsung Sales Portal.

See About the Accessory license to understand more about how device and accessory states influence the license assignments in the Accessory (Staggered) license.

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