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Add devices

Last updated July 26th, 2023

There are two ways to add devices to Knox Configure:

  1. Add devices through a reseller — A reseller uploads the devices for you. For details on reseller device uploads, see Register a reseller.
  2. Add devices with the Knox Deployment app — You can upload the devices manually using the Knox Deployment app. For details, see About the Knox Deployment App.

Add devices through a reseller

Resellers can add devices to your Knox Configure account on your behalf. When a device is purchased from a reseller, they can automatically upload it to your account.

Viewing devices automatically uploaded by resellers

  1. In the Knox Configure portal, select Devices from the left-hand navigation menu and select the Uploads.

  2. If you have any pending devices, a notification appears at the top of the screen with the following message: Confirm devices from [CARRIER], A new reseller, [CARRIER], [COUNTRY] [RESELLER ID] added [#] devices to your account on [DATE]. Confirm that this is correct. Click Confirm to add these devices to your account.

  3. Choose an Upload Approval.

    • Accept devices for this upload only — Approval is required for each upload from this reseller.
    • Automatically accept all devices from this reseller — All existing and future uploads from this reseller will be automatically added to your device inventory. Choosing Automatically accept all devices from this reseller allows future uploaded devices to be added to your account without your explicit consent.
  4. Click ADD.

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