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About Accessory profile deletion

Last updated April 24th, 2024

You can also delete an existing accessory profile. However, licenses play a key role in when the deletion occurs, spanning the following scenarios:

Accessory ID (linked to active device) Active license (linked to accessory profile) Can you delete an accessory profile?
Yes Yes No
No No Yes
N/A N/A Yes

Once the profile is deleted, you can delete the associated accessory ID.

Additionally, a deleted profile also deletes the following assets:

  • Any customized theme that is actively applied on the device. The default theme and wallpaper will be applied instead.
  • Any custom booting and shutdown animation. The default Samsung logo will be applied instead.

Delete a single profile

Asset Asset applied by? What happens after the profile is deleted?

Galaxy theme

Accessory profile

Default theme replaces the Galaxy theme.

Device user

Galaxy theme set by device user is retained.


Accessory profile

Accessory profile wallpaper is retained.

Device user

Wallpaper set by device user is retained.

Galaxy theme and wallpaper

Accessory profile applies theme

Device user applies wallpaper

Default theme replaces the Galaxy theme.

Accessory profile applies wallpaper

Device user applies theme

No change.

Device user applies Galaxy theme and wallpaper

No change.

Booting and shutdown animations

Accessory profile

Default Samsung logo is applied.

Delete multiple profiles

Deleting a profile that’s linked to multiple accessories triggers the following behavior on the client app, depending on the profile status:

Profile type Active status What happens on the client app?
Single profile Always active The configuration service is uninstalled.

Multiple profiles (2 or more)

If deleted profile is active

  • Accessory profile is deleted.
  • Existing Setup or Dynamic profiles are retained.
  • You can select another profile and assign it.

If deleted profile isn't active The currently active profile is retained.

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