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Knox Configure 22.05 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Knox Configure Routines — Scheduled lock

This 22.05 release continues to expand Knox Configure Routines, adding the ability to apply more automated actions (Then actions) triggered by specific situations (If conditions). You can now apply a new automated action of locking a device triggered by a specific time period.

For more details and instructions, see Knox Configure Routines.

Cover screen support for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold series

With this release, Knox Configure supports Cover and Internal screen customization for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold phones. You can now set Home and Lock screen wallpapers for your Cover and Internal screens. Additionally, you can select a grid layout and add apps, widgets, and content as shortcuts to both screens.

For more information on customizing these screens, see Normal mode features.

Samsung Keyboard settings restriction

Previously, you could only disable keyboard settings in Pro-Kiosk profiles.

Now, you can prevent device users from accessing their Samsung Keyboard settings and keyboard toolbar items in Setup and Dynamic profiles.

For more details on configuring keyboard restrictions, see Creating a Setup profile.

Tags to organize Enterprise Edition devices

To determine whether a device model is eligible for Enterprise Edition, you can now check to see if it has an Eligible for Enterprise Edition tag. On the Device Details panel, devices are now auto-tagged to differentiate between old and new Enterprise Edition (EE) devices. Old EE devices are tagged with Enterprise Edition and 1 more. When you hover over the 1 more tag, it displays Eligible for Enterprise Edition. New EE devices are tagged with only Enterprise Edition. The EE tags are displayed first, followed by other tags in alphabetical order.

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