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How to disable backup and restore of device data

Last updated July 26th, 2023



  • Knox Configure


The two default apps that back up and restore device data on Samsung devices are Samsung Cloud and Samsung Smart Switch. Samsung Cloud allows device users to back up or restore data, while Samsung Smart Switch allows device users to restore data from another device or transfer content from an external storage drive. Device users tap Device settings > Account and backup to launch these apps on their Samsung devices.

How to disable backup and restore of device data

To prevent either of these apps from activating on the user’s devices, follow the steps below to disable both apps:

  1. On the Knox Configure console, go to Profiles.

  2. Select an existing profile or create a new profile.

  3. On the Applications & content page, under APPLICATION RESTRICTIONS > Disable the usage of other applications, click EDIT. Then, add the following packages:

    • Samsung Cloud —
    • Samsung Smart Switch —
  4. Click SAVE. The console prompts you to log your changes.

  5. Optionally add a comment describing your changes, then click SAVE.

Additional information

To learn more about Knox Configure profiles, see Normal mode features.

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