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Knox Configure 24.06 release notes

Last updated June 26th, 2024


Enhancement to activated device list

Previously, the Licenses page showed the number of devices in either the Assigned or Activated columns. You could click a link in the Assigned column to view a list of devices.

Starting with the 24.06 release, you can click the device count in the Activated column to go to a filtered list of devices associated with that license and view more information about these devices:

  • For the Knox Configure Setup or Dynamic licenses, clicking the Assigned or Activated column redirects you to the Devices tab on the Devices page.

  • For the Knox Configure Accessory license, clicking the Activated column redirects you to the Accessories tab on the Devices page, which contains information about the accessory IDs associated with the selected license.

See Manage licenses for more information.

Furthermore, see About the Accessory license to learn more about what the Accessories tab shows.

Cover screen animation upload

With the 24.06 release, you can now upload cover screen booting and shutdown animations that are separate from the main screen animations on Galaxy Z series devices running One UI 6.1.1 or higher, starting from Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Fold5.

Support for animated wallpapers

With Knox Configure 24.06, you can now upload GIF or MP4 files as wallpapers on the following devices running Android 14 (One UI 6.1.1) or higher:

  • Galaxy Z Flip5 devices — Images, GIF, and MP4 formats for cover screen wallpapers.
  • Galaxy Z Flip5, Galaxy Z Fold5, and Galaxy S24 — MP4 format for lock screen wallpapers.

After these wallpapers are applied, the clock color on the screen turns to white by default. Support for selecting other colors will be developed in a future release. Hence, please select wallpapers accordingly.

Support for Last seen

Starting with the 24.06 release, a Last seen column is now available on the Devices page, which displays the most recent date the device communicated with the server, sortable by date.

UI improvements

Knox Configure 24.06 also brings the following UI improvements:

  • On a configured device, the Configuration service screen in Settings > Advanced settings is now updated with new screens that display information about all the linked profiles, as well as the customer support phone number and email address. Additionally, the Configuration service screen lets you update the accessory profile on a device rebranded with Knox Configure Accessory edition, and shows information such as the date the profile was applied, the expiration date, and the serial number.

  • The Devices tab on the Devices page now displays a Refresh button next to the ACTIONS drop-down menu, which allows you to always view the latest information like the enrollment status, and the service end and modified dates.


Deprecation of email feedback from device client

With the 24.06 release, to enhance security, device users can no longer use Configuration service in the device Settings to send emails and must use a third-party email app instead.

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