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Knox Configure 23.09 release notes

Last updated September 6th, 2023

Profile editing updates

When editing an existing profile in Knox Configure 23.09, you can now cancel any changes and revert to the previous profile configuration on the Enrollment info, Configure settings, and Summary screens.

You can now also assign the edited profile to devices without leaving the profile wizard.

Device UI improvements

For customized devices, the accessory enrollment wizard, Configuration service, and Enter ProKiosk mode interfaces are now harmonized to match the other device settings screens.

The configuration service

The redesigned interfaces include new settings screens that match the existing device settings menu, smoother transitions between screens, and the ability to customize the Configuration service logo to fit device displays for all device types and screen resolutions.

License table improvements

Starting with Knox Configure 23.09, you can now view the number of licenses that have been assigned but not yet activated in the Assigned column on the Licenses page. Previously, the Assigned column showed the number of licenses that were used to assign a profile to a device, regardless of whether they were activated.

Galaxy Themes on Android 14 devices

Starting with Knox Configure 23.09, you can now assign a custom Galaxy Theme to devices running Android 14.

Home screen customization updates

When configuring a profile with Knox Configure 23.09, you can now customize up to six pages of shortcuts on the device home screen.

If there isn’t room for a shortcut on a page, the shortcut will automatically be added to another page with space or a new page will be created.

Activity log improvements

Starting with Knox Configure 23.09, the activity log now saves the IP address associated with each sign in event. IP addresses aren’t shown on the console and are only visible when the activity log is downloaded as a CSV file.

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