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Knox Configure 23.06 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Profile creation improvements

With this release, you can now create and edit Knox Configure profiles quickly and easily with the redesigned profile creation wizard.

  • Creating a profile has been simplified to a five-step flow, with links to each step available at the top of the screen.
  • You can view a live preview of the device enrollment screen while configuring the profile settings.
  • While creating or editing a profile, you can rebrand devices easily with shortcuts to popular branding settings on the Configure settings page.
  • You can also jump directly to a setting by clicking the corresponding icon.

See Create a profile for more details.

Knox Configure Accessory improvements

Previously, if a device was enrolled in Knox Configure by an accessory, you would need to delete the previous accessory from the device before you were able to enroll the device again through a new accessory.

With this release, you can change device profiles seamlessly by tagging a new accessory and removing the previous accessory as part of the enrollment process.

The device enrollment process has also been improved with a refreshed UI and descriptive new error messages. Device users can now exit the enrollment process by tapping the home button.

Furthermore, when you upload a logo while customizing the accessory enrollment welcome page, the logo is now automatically fitted to a 2:1 aspect ratio area to ensure that the image isn’t distorted when shown to the device user.

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