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Knox Configure 22.11 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Enhancements to the Knox Configure client

This release introduces the following enhancements to the Knox Configure client, aimed at improving the end user experience:

  • While configuring profile information, you can now customize the product name and image displayed in the client. This new customization helps device users to better understand who configured their device.
  • To improve client accessibility for devices running Android 13 or higher, the Knox Configure client is now located in Settings & Advanced features. In addition, the name of the Knox Configure client has been changed to Configuration service with this release. You can also now pin a persistent notification to provide the device user with a quick way to access the client. If you turn on the notification, you can optionally customize the app name and message displayed in it.
  • This release also adds accessory and routine information to the client. If the device is configured by an accessory, the device user can view information about the accessory and clear the accessory profile from the device on the Accessories tab. If a Knox Configure Routine applet has been configured on the device, the device user can now check all of its trigger conditions and actions on the Routines tab.

Removal of mandatory Knox Configure client Terms and Conditions

This release retires the Knox Configure Terms and Conditions. Device users will no longer be presented with this document. Going forward, the device user must only agree to the Samsung Knox Privacy Policy by default. Furthermore, during profile configuration, you can now customize the Agreements that require user consent while installing the Knox Configure client.

Updates to message shown when pairing Knox Configure accessories

This release adds additional information to the message shown when the device user attaches a Knox Configure accessory to their device.

If the device user attempts to pair a Knox Configure accessory to a device that has already been enrolled by a different accessory, the Knox Configure client informs them that the previous accessory profile must be cleared from the device before they pair a new accessory.

In addition, when Knox Configure enrollment is triggered by an accessory, the device user is shown a message displaying the number of accessory registrations remaining.

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