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Knox Configure 22.08 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Support for Galaxy Theme installation

The 22.08 release introduces the ability to install unique Galaxy Theme APKs for each Android version, a feature available exclusively through Knox Configure. When creating a new profile, on the Home & Lock screen step of the wizard, the options under Theme allow you to upload a theme APK file for your devices. You can also upload multiple APK files or different themes for alternate OS versions. What’s more, enterprises can develop their own themes. For more information, go to Galaxy Themes on the Samsung developer web site.


Galaxy Themes are unavailable on devices that don’t support UI themes.

Enhancements to Knox Configure Accessories

Previously, accessory UIDs that weren’t locked to a specific accessory type (such as case, cover, NFC card, and so on) resulted in errors during pairing. Starting with this release, when the user pairs the device with an accessory type that differs from the UID’s stated type, the device opens the Samsung Galaxy Friends app.

Furthermore, the deployment capacities for the UID of a Knox Configure Accessory is greatly expanded to accommodate different enterprise scenarios. The maximum number of accessories that can be associated with a profile is increased from 5,000 to 500,000. The number of devices that a single profile can be deployed to is increased to 10.

This release also gives enterprises the flexibility to deploy different profiles to a single device with multiple Knox Configure Accessories. If you turn on Allow to delete device configuration, the device user can clear the profile applied from an accessory by selecting Delete accessory content in the Knox Configure agent. Then, the device user can pair the device with a different accessory, and the agent will apply the profile associated with it. If Allow to delete device configuration is turned off, and the device user attempts to pair a new accessory, the profile will fail to apply, and a message will open and prompt the user to contact an admin or the accessory manufacturer.

Support enrollment for company-owned devices with work profiles

With this release, company-owned devices with work profiles will automatically begin deploying Knox Configure profiles. On startup, the device user will be presented with a welcome screen with the option to Cancel the enrollment. The device user has an additional chance to cancel by selecting Return on the EULA consent screen.

Remove swipe lock screen

Knox Configure 22.08 adds the ability to remove swipe locks on devices. If this option is turned on, the device unlocks when the device user presses the power button, and remains unlocked even if they press the power button again or the screen times out. This feature is only available for devices running Knox 3.4 and higher.

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