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Knox Configure 1.28 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Allow role deletion for admin states

This feature addresses IT admin requests to delete a Knox Configure admin role with a pending, revoked or blocked state (any state but active). Prior to the role deletion, a message displays the intended admins impacted by the role deletion.

Existing administrators assigned to the role must be re-assigned to another role before the deletion can proceed. Any pending, revoked, or blocked admins assigned the deleted role are assigned a role of NoRole.

Profile update notification improvements

Currently profile app update console notifications are not sufficiently clear. Specifically, when a failure occurs an administrator cannot discern the appropriate reason for update failure amongst the possible failure scenarios.

To address this issue, the failure notifications have been updated to provide a clearer explanation of the failure root cause. Unique failure notifications are now in place for the following scenarios:

  • Request is empty or null
  • Selected app does not exist
  • Latest version already in use with some profiles
  • Latest version already in use with all profiles
  • App not yet added to any profiles

Success and partial success notifications remain as previously implemented.

License activation end date notification enhancements

Currently, when a license activation end date changes its difficult to discern the new end date from the previous one.

To reduce end date confusion, the License activation end date has been updated from to <NewActivationEndDate.

WKC version number addition

To date, there is no way for a user to determine which version of WKC is running on their wearable device without looking at device logs. The Android version of KC resides in the Settings -> Apps Menu. However, WKC cannot access this information due to the structure of the Wearable Settings menu.

To address this issue, the WKC version number now displays in a more visible location within the device’s App Info screen for the benefit of those who need it.

Deep setting tool tip enhancement

The existing Hotspot 2.0 AP connection tooltip is lacking in sufficient detail to be truly helpful. To help remedy this uncertainty of this tooltip, it has been updated to read as follows:

“Seamlessly connect Hotspot 2.0 enabled Wi-Fi access points without needing a password. Hostspot 2.0 with be turned off automatically if “Do not allow” is selected. If you want to turn it on and prevent the user from changing this setting, please select “Do not allow and Hide setting.”

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