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Knox Configure 1.17 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Knox Configure (KC)

Console option added to clear all favorite applications from home screen

To date, the existing Clear all shortcuts from Home screen option does not clear favorite applications as expected by some of our customers. To remedy this situation, a new Clear all favorite applications from the Home screen option has been added to the Home & Lock portion of the profile configuration user interface flow.

This new feature is available to both Setup and Dynamic edition Knox Configure profiles on devices running Knox version 2.7.1 and above.

Application list and applications details console enhancements

Beginning with this release, the KC console’s Applications list now displays selectable application cards to optionally view detailed information about the selected application. The application description can be modified and saved as needed within the application details popup screen.  Additionally, the license can be updated if it was selected during device upload. However, license changes will not apply to existing KC profiles. If a Google Play or Galaxy application is selected, the data listed within the Application details screen is limited.

Wearable Knox Configure (WKC)

Reboot/reset command available from portal

Bulk reboot reset

This feature enables a device to receive a reboot push command from its WKC server and immediately reboot/reset the device without requiring permission from the device user. The Reboot/reset command can be pushed to specified devices, or as a bulk action using csv files.

This feature is available for both Setup and Dynamic edition profiles.

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